• Chateau Orquevaux

    Chateau Orquevaux

    In February 2020, right before the pandemic thrust us into hiding, I was honored with an artist residency in the idyllic region of Champagne-Ardenne, France. Fresh croissants every morning and country cuisine in the evening. I stayed in a 19th century “hunting lodge” or chateau and my studio with in the old stable. I was there with artists from about the world, young, not so young and everything in between. A delightful mix of writers, visual, performance and a lone musician. It was a magical time to work with no distractions, contemplate my work and get back to my yoga. Looking forward to returning

  • Box of Contemporary Space (BoCs) Cosenza, Italy

    Box of Contemporary Space (BoCs) Cosenza, Italy

    I spent three fabulous weeks (summer 2019) touring around Italy. I flew into Venice and spent a few days visiting the Biennale. Then I was off to Florence for a lunch date, (really) followed by an overnight in Naples. BEST PIZZA ever!

    My reason for being in Italy was to attend the Box of Contemporary Space artist residency in Cosenza for two weeks. I didn't think it could be any better. I met some wonder people and greats artists.

    I ended my travel with a few days in Rome before coming home.

  • From the studio

    From the studio

    Giving the walls a bit of a shine with a coat of paint. This will give the studio much added light and will help with seeing/color/ and photographing the work.