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Sculpture and Installation Cosenza, Italy
Sculpture and Installation Cosenza, Italy
cloth tape

I was honored for the opportunity to participate in the 2019 artist residency program at BoCs (Box of Contemporary Space) in Cosenza, Italy. I spent two weeks creating the drawing installation and 20+ works on paper. The title of the installation is/was #noparallellines (no parallel lines). The works on paper mimic the shapes in the installation and when over lapping other shapes a "fake" transparency is created.

The premise of the residency/exhibition was - the site-specific installation using shape, line, and color creates a delicate balance/structure within the chaotic visual and if one element is removed the entire piece could collapse. The works on paper takes (mimics) the shape(s) found in the installation and are arrange in a similar manner in the sense of structure/balance. The transparency is something that is perceived within the mind of the viewer not necessarily within the piece. This "fake" transparency gives/shows depth within the piece even though there isn't space, it is space in a latent stage.

This piece is part of the BOCS Museums (Cosenza, Italy) permanent collection.